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Molly Andries

Areas of Expertise
 Ensure local crocheters have all the resources they need available to them and for everyone to have fun crocheting
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • One of the founders of DFW Fiber Fest
  • Past president of the Crochet Texas! Guild
  • Certified crochet instructor

Alissa Barton

Areas of Expertise
 Knitting, designing
Tenure in the Fiber Arts
 30 years
Where She's Taught
 Retreats, guilds, workshops in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Michigan and Mexico
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Learned to knit at age 4
  • Began teaching knitting while still in high school
  • Loves to find a new technique or stitch
  • Desire to understand HOW things work and why led her to designing her own patterns
  • Possesses a wealth of knowledge, with tips and tricks for everything from cast on to bind off for accessories to sweaters
  • One of the original instructors for DFW Fiber Fest
  • Designer for Brooks Farm Yarns, Buffalo Wool Company, Knitting Rose, Erin Lane, as well as design editor for Spirit of Knitting (2004-2008)
  • Author of Knitting with Bamboo Yarn:  Book 1; and Bamboo Wraps:  Knitting with Bamboo Yarn Book 2
  • FB: knittingfairy
  • IG: @theknittingfairy
  • Rav: knittingfairy
  • Web: www.knittingfairy.com

Denise Bell

Areas of Expertise
 Knitting, designing
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Always performed some kind of handwork when growing up
  • Instantly addicted when she learned to knit
  • Knitting emphasis is lace
  • Sees patterns wherever she looks
  • Spent time in Shetland and Scotland to delve further into the history of fine lace knitting
  • Traveling and nature provide her with design inspiration
  • Nationally-recognized teacher, member of The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA)
  • Enjoys solving cryptic crossword puzzles, kayaking when not designing
  • Her business, Lost City Knits, named for the community nearest her Oklahoma farm, offers fine hand-dyed yarns and original designs
  • Along with husband Chris, author of Ultima Thule:  Patterns Inspired by the Shetland Islands and Deep Roots:  Patterns inspired by the Tallgrass Prairie
  • FB: lostcityknits
  • IG: @lostcityknits
  • Rav: lostcityknits
  • Web: www.lostcityknits.com

JC Briar

Areas of Expertise
 Knitting, especially construction and textured stitches
Where She's Taught
 : DFW Fiber Fest, Stitches, Houston Fiber Fest, Black Sheep Gathering, Yarn Fest, Madrona, Craft Cruises, Yarnover
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • A self-confessed technique freak and skill junkie
  • Has a special fondness for textured knitting and novel construction techniques
  • Latest venture is stitch-maps.com, a website for viewing and creating grid-free charts of unparalleled fluidity, authenticity, and beauty
  • Author of Charts Made Simple
  • FB: Jc Briar
  • IG: @jc.briar
  • Rav: jcbriar
  • Web: jcbriar.com

Carissa Browning

Areas of Expertise
 Knitting, crochet
Tenure in the Fiber Arts
 More than 15 years
Where She's Taught
 Local yarn shops across north Texas
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Has been knitting and crocheting for more than 15 years, teaching friends and family for nearly as long
  • Her designs have appeared in Knitty, Pom Pom Quarterly, KnitCrate, New Directions in Sock Knitting, as well as numerous self-published patterns
  • Over the years, she has amassed a three-month supply of hand knit socks
  • FB: carissaknits
  • IG: @carissabrowning
  • Rav: www.ravelry.com/designers/carissa-browning
  • Web: www.carissaknits.com/

Lily M. Chin

Areas of Expertise
 Knitting, crochet
Tenure in the Fiber Arts
 30 years
Who she's designed for
 Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, Diane von Furstenberg, Isaac Mizrahi
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Teaches around the world
  • Named a master knitter by Vogue Knitting
  • Cited in media, including the Late Show with David Letterman, Martha, CBS Morning News, CNN, HGTV, Knitting Daily, Knit and Crochet Now
  • Has lived in NYC all her life
  • Has been involved in the fashion industry since she was 13 years old
  • Rav: www.ravelry.com/designers/lily-m-chin
  • Web: www.lilychinsignaturecollection.com/main.php

Joi Chupp

Areas of Expertise
 Knitting, crochet, felting
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Her mother taught her to knit, crochet and sew
  • Nearly 25 years ago, she bought a farm.
  • Next, she inherited a few sheep from a neighbor and the rest is history.
  • Teacher in her previous life and loves sharing the knowledge she has gained.
 IG: @suitsusfarms

Henry and Roy Clemes

Areas of Expertise
 Fiber preparation
Tenure in the Fiber Arts
 45/25 years
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Henry has been building fiber art equipment for over 45 years and drum carders for 38 years.
  • Roy grew up in his family's woodshop and is one of the few 30-year-olds with 25 years of experience in his field.
  • Introduced many innovations to the fiber arts community
  • Their equipment is known for being not only thoughtfully engineered but also visually pleasing and durable.
  • FB: clemesandclemes
  • IG: @clemesandclemes
  • Web: www.clemes.com

Alexandra Davidoff

Areas of Expertise
 Knitting, crochet, designing
Where She's Taught
 Guilds across Texas
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Blends textures, colors, cultures and techniques to create unique pieces of wearable and decorative art
  • Her knitwear designs appear in Vogue Knitting, Noro book, Malabrigo book, Creative Knitting, Knitter's and Knitty magazines
  • Has worked yarn companies and online websites, including Lion Brand Yarn Co., Annie's Crafts and Simplicity
  • Before becoming an indie knitwear designer, she designed garments and accessories for Coldwater Creek and Soft Surrounding
  • Has a Fashion Design degree from The Art Institute of Dallas
  • Alexandra lives and works in North Texas, together with her husband, two daughters and adorable cocker spaniel
  • FB: StudioDavidoff
  • IG: @alexandra.davidoff.studio
  • Rav: www.ravelry.com/designers/alexandra-davidoff
  • Web: studiodavidoff.blogspot.com/

Peggy Doney

Areas of Expertise
 Spinning, Dyeing, Knitting, Silk Fusion
Where She's Taught
 Taos Wool Festival, guilds, annual fiber arts gathering in her backyard
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Fascinated with color since her first box of crayons
  • Took a spinning class with a neighbor and realized how she could repurpose 20 years of accumulated homeschooling chemistry equipment
  • Enjoys spinning, knitting, silk fusion, and dyeing
  • Has been discovering color recipes using triad studies for many years
    • These studies allow exploration in hue as well as value and support her special interest in making accurate recipes that are starting points for matching colors in nature.
  • The yarns she creates celebrate the texture and luster of a wide variety of natural and synthetic fibers and give a medium to combine those textures with the color she loves
  • Regular dyer for Treenway Silks because of her skill with the dye pot
  • Enjoys sharing her passion for creating with fiber and color with others
  • FB: @the100thsheep
  • IG: @the100thsheep
  • Rav: the-100th-sheep
  • Web: www.the100thsheep.com

Abby Franquemont

Areas of Expertise
Tenure in the Fiber Arts
 14 years
Where She's Taught
 Festivals, retreats, shops around the world
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Steeped in the fiber arts since birth
  • Technical, passionate, inquisitive, and informed
  • Author of Respect the Spindle
  • FB: @abbysyarns
  • IG: @abbysyarns
  • Rav: abbysyarns
  • Web: www.abbysyarns.com

Jean Elizabeth Glass

Areas of Expertise
 Knitting, beading
Tenure in the Fiber Arts
 Longer than she cares to admit
Where She's Taught
 Southern Animal Fiber Festival, Fiber Festival of New England, Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival, Blizzard Yarn and Fiber
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Was brought to knitting by friends who told her she could knit with beads
  • This makes her smile
  • FB: Bead Biz
  • IG: @beadbiz
  • Web: beadbiz.org

Franklin Habit

Areas of Expertise
 Knitting, crochet, spinning, designing
Where He's Taught
 Vogue Knitting Live!, STITCHES Events, Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat, Squam Arts Workshops, Sock Summit, Taos Wool Festival
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Designer, teacher, author and illustrator
  • First became known as the writer of The Panopticon (presently on hiatus), one of the most popular knitting blogs on the Internet
  • Lives in Chicago, IL, cohabiting shamelessly with 15,000 books, a Schacht spinning wheel, three looms, and a colony of yarn that multiplies whenever his back is turned
  • His independently-published designs are available on Ravelry
  • Contributor to Vogue Knitting, Yarn Market News, Interweave Knits, Interweave Crochet, PieceWork, and Twist Collective
  • Provides regular columns and cartoons for Knitty.com, PLY Magazine, and Lion Brand Yarns
  • Writes a popular "Fridays with Franklin" feature for Skacel Collection
  • Author of It Itches:  A Stash of Knitting Cartoons and I Dream of Yarn:  A Knit and Crochet Coloring Book
  • FB: @fhabit
  • IG: @franklin.habit
  • Rav: franklin
  • Web: www.franklinhabit.com

Joyce Hazlerig

Areas of Expertise
Tenure in the Fiber Arts
 12 years
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Award-winning fiber artist
  • Won Living Felt's International Alice in Wonderland Contest in 2010 with her innovative glow-under-black light Psychedelic Cheshire Cat
  • Her whimsical characters and adorable creatures are inspired by myth, fairy tales, and the natural world
  • Works Renaissance festivals in Texas and Oklahoma
  • Sells her art at indie craft shows throughout the year
  • Often processes and dyes her own fiber, buying fleeces and fiber from small family farms
  • Lives with her Hypnotist/Bard husband with a cadre of furry animal children in the rural outskirts of charming Bastrop, TX
  • FB: gypsyhartearts
  • IG: @gypsyharte
  • Rav: gypsyharte
  • Web: www.gypsyharte.com

Romi Hill

Areas of Expertise
 Lace of all weights
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • A lifelong crafter and knitter, she is inspired by the natural surroundings in her corner of the world
  • Romi founded "designs by Romi" in 2005 as an internet shawl pin shop
  • She then moved into knit and crocheted jewelry, having her first of many patterns published in Knitty Magazine
  • Her first book for Interweave Press was Elements of Style:  Knit and Crochet Jewelry with Wire, Fiber, Felt & Beads
  • She designed lace shawls and garments, and had patterns appear in Interweave Knits, Knitscene, Vogue Knitting, Twist Collective, Making, and numerous other books and magazines
  • Her second Interweave Press book, New Lace Knitting, was published in 2015
  • Her designs are known for their organic flow and knitterly attention to detail
  • lives on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern Nevada, where the high desert nights are cool and the air is clear and crisp
  • She loves dark chocolate with chili peppers, and she's a sucker for a great pair of cowboy boots
  • Rav: www.ravelry.com/designers/rosemary-romi-hill
  • FB: DesignsbyRomi/
  • IG: @romidesigns
  • TW: @RomiDesigns
  • Web: www.designsbyromi.com

Deborah Jarchow

Areas of Expertise
 Weaving, knitting, crochet
Tenure in the Fiber Arts
 22 years
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • After many years of teaching knitting and crochet, discovered weaving in 1996, and her love of fiber, texture, and color came together
  • Loves helping knitters discover the joy of weaving
  • Works full time as a weaver and artist, including teaching fiber arts, creating and selling wearable art, giving lectures, and showing in local, regional, and national exhibits
  • Her work has been exhibited at galleries and museums across the country
  • Has won numerous awards and written articles for national publications
  • Work has been commissioned by churches and is in many private collections
  • Has been an artist-in-residence, teacher, and weaver at Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo, CA since 2004
  • IG: @djweaves
  • Web: www.deborahjarchow.com

Anne Jones

Areas of Expertise
 Metalsmith with crochet
Where She's Taught
 Local yarn shops and universities
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Metalsmith and jewelry artist
  • Combines crochet with traditional metalworking techniques to create jewelry and wearable art
  • FB: annabellejonesjewelry
  • IG: @decadentbelle
  • Rav: AnnabelleJones
  • Web: www.annabellejones.net/

Tamara Kelly

Areas of Expertise
 Crochet, knitting
Tenure in the Fiber Arts
 17 years
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Learned to crochet in 2002, just as soon as she could find someone to teach her to chain and single crochet
  • Has always loved crafting and making things; yarn crafting soon became her favorite hobby
  • Started designing simple patterns a few years later
  • Added knitting to her skills, and quickly followed with a few knitting patterns
  • Started the website Moogly, to highlight her yarn work and patterns, which has consistently been listed as one of the top crochet blogs in the world
  • Lives with her husband and three teenagers in Iowa
  • Author of Quick Crochet for the Home
  • Has filmed several Bluprint classes
  • FB: Moogly
  • IG: @Mooglyblog
  • Rav: tamarairene
  • Web: mooglyblog.com

Galina A. Khmeleva

Areas of Expertise
 Lace knitting, spinning, designing
Where She's Taught
 All over the globe, including Great Britain, Italy and Australia, and Craft Cruises' Baltic Cruise
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Designs have appeared in Piecework, Interweave Knits, Spin-Off, Knitting Traditions, Knitter's Magazine, Cast On, Wild Fibers and Verena and have been printed in Italian, Russian, German, Dutch and English
  • Author of Gossamer Webs:  The History and Techniques of Orenburg Lace Shawls and Gossamer Webs:  The Design Collection
  • Has also produced 4 DVDs:
    • Orenburg Knitting - Knitting Gossamer Webs
    • Spinning Gossamer Threads - The Yarns of Orenburg
    • Knitting Old World Lace - from Shetland to Orenburg
    • Knitting Lace in Intarsia - The Secrets of Olga Fedoraova
  • Rav: galina-khmeleva
  • Web: www.skaska.com

Yohannah Klingensmith

Areas of Expertise
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Yohannah Klingensmith began weaving on a rigid heddle loom when she was ten
  • At thirteen Yohannah was living in Martha's Vineyard and apprenticed with Ann Chase
  • Using the techniques she learned, Yohannah began weaving and selling placemats, coasters, and runners to neighbors and at craft fairs on the island
  • Over the next five years, she saved enough to buy her first floor loom and three Corriedale sheep
  • Her current pursuit is drawloom weaving, having completed two three-panel, double weave 'pine tree and snowball' queen size coverlets in the past several years
  • She works and teaches weaving at Homestead Fiber Crafts, part of the Homestead Craft Village in Waco, Texas
  • Over the years, she has won numerous prizes at the Contemporary Handweavers of Texas conference

Sara Lamb

Areas of Expertise
 Spinning, Weaving, Dying
Where She's Taught
 United States, Canada, England
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Author of three books
  • Lives in northern California
  • Rav: www.ravelry.com/designers/sara-lamb
  • Web: www.saralamb.com

Judith MacKenzie

Areas of Expertise
 Spinning, weaving
Where She's Taught
 Strung-Along Retreats, Columbia Gorge Festival, Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat, John C. Campbell Folk School, Black Sheep Gathering
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Judith is the ultimate textile artist and teacher.
  • Has been spinning and weaving most of her life
  • In-depth understanding of every aspect of spinning, weaving, knitting and dyeing
  • Teaching career spans the globe from such fascinating places as above the Arctic Circle all the way to Turkey
  • Author of Teach Yourself Visually:  Handspinning and The Intentional Spinner, as well as other books and DVDs
 Rav: judith-mackenzie-mccuin

Donna McFarland

Areas of Expertise
Where She's Taught
 Local yarn shops and guilds across the country
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • The world of fiber art had always intrigued Donna, until it became her passion — which has taken her down the avenue of hand weaving
  • Finds it important to share the fiber art tools and techniques, to offer information on its many aspects, and encourage others to find their unique path
  • Combined her fiber talents with her husband's woodworking talents to create Dewberry Ridge, a small home business dedicated to offering the best designs in wearable art with precision tools and supplies
  • Has been a juried member of Best of Missouri Hands, the recognized artists association of Missouri
  • Has served as vice president of St. Louis Weavers' Guild
  • Member of Weavers' Guild of America
  • President, Franklin County Fiber Guild
  • FB: Dewberry.Ridge
  • IG: @dewberryridge
  • Rav: www.ravelry.com/people/donnashandwoven
  • Web: www.dewberryridge.com

Dawn Ortega

Areas of Expertise
 Knitting, crochet
Tenure in the Fiber Arts
  Since she was 8 years old
Where She's Taught
 East Texas Fiber Festival, local yarn shops around the country
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Has been crocheting since she was 8 years old
  • Loves teaching people of all ages
  • Loves seeing the light bulb go on when a student grasps what she's teaching
  • FB: Dawnodesigns
  • IG: @DawnODesigns, @FourHensFibers0422
  • Rav: www.ravelry.com/designers/dawn-ortega
  • Web: www.fourhensfibers.com

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Areas of Expertise
Tenure in the Fiber Arts
 40 years
Where She's Taught
 Various fiber festivals and yarn stores across North America
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Has been knitting for more than 40 years
  • Loves to teach about knitting and thinks that most people would be surprised how important she thinks it is
  • Author of the popular and long-lived blog "Yarn Harlot"
  • Part of the magic at the Strung Along Retreats for knitters
  • The New York Times Bestselling author of eight books, seven of which have a lot to do with knitting.  (The eighth is lighter in the yarn department but is still funny.)
  • Mother of three, wife of one, can drive a standard, and has owned two cats in a row that don't care much for her
  • Lives in an untidy, wool-filled house in Toronto, Canada.
  • IG: @yarnharlot
  • Rav: yarnharlot
  • Web: www.yarnharlot.com

Alasdair Post-Quinn

Areas of Expertise
 Double knitting
Tenure in the Fiber Arts
 More than 15 years
Where He's Taught
 Yarn Fest, Stitches, Vogue Knitting Live
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Has been teaching double-knitting around the country since 2005
  • Author of Extreme Double-Knitting and Double or Nothing
  • FB: Fallingblox
  • IG: @fallingblox
  • Rav: www.ravelry.com/designers/alasdair-post-quinn
  • Web: double-knitting.com

Arica Presinal

Areas of Expertise
 Knitting, crochet
Where She's Taught
 Stiches events
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Arica is the human behind Skeinsnsticks Designs
  • Skeinsnsticks Designs is a 'bistitchual' (both knit and crochet) design house passionate about the fashion-forward elevation of crocheted/knit garments and accessories
  • Has been published in magazines both nationally and internationally
  • When not designing, loves to instruct others in the crafts, providing instruction to those just starting out and/or those looking to learn or re?ne techniques
  • Lives in California with her husband, pup and 3-year-old
  • FB: Skeinsnsticks
  • IG: @skeinsnsticks
  • Rav: www.ravelry.com/designers/arica-presinal
  • Web: www.skeinsnsticksdesigns.com

Marilyn Romatka

Areas of Expertise
 Weaving, folk arts
Where She's Taught
 Madrona, Convergence
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Focus is living folk arts
  • Techniques she teaches are deep-rooted in cultures from around the world, that have stood the test of time
  • FB: Taproot Folk Arts
  • IG: @marilynromatka
  • Web: www.taprootfolkarts.com

Quayln Stark

Areas of Expertise
 Crochet, knitting, designing, spinning
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • As a child, you could find Quayln cutting up his grandmother's old skirts and fashioning them into dresses for his little sister.
  • Passion for the fiber arts has only grown stronger
  • Now involved in every aspect of fiber
  • Born and raised Texan who dyes, spins, crochets, knits, designs, and hosts a bimonthly fiber podcast
  • Most recently, at the age of 19, he became one of the youngest pattern designers to work as a designer for Red Heart
  • FB: @portquoelio
  • IG: @portquoelio
  • Rav: QUOE
  • Web: www.QUOE.us

Misty Urech

Areas of Expertise
 Knitting, spinning
Tenure in the Fiber Arts
 20 years
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Part of the mother/daughter team of Knitting Lagniappe and mom to 4 girls
  • On occasion you may see her with her massage chair!
  • Originally from New Orleans, she now lives in the DFW area.
  • IG: @knittinglagniappe
  • Web: www.knittinglagniappe.com

Kathleen Utts

Areas of Expertise
 Knitting, spinning, weaving
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • As a girl, fashioning distinctive apparel for her dolls soon led Kathleen to designing artistic 'dog-wear' and then later her own clothing
  • This interest led her to earn a bachelor's degree in Home Economics
  • After a second degree and a 20-year career as a registered dietitian, Kathleen and her family moved to a 40-acre ranch in Wimberley, TX, when she began a love affair with nature, beautiful sunsets, organic gardening, and 18 alpaca.
  • Turning the alpacas' luscious fiber made into yarn and then crafting it into beautiful garments returned her to her original passion for clothing construction.
  • As a weaver, spinner and knitter, the concept of "Free-Form" resonates because it fosters the artist within her.
  • Upon discovering Saori style weaving, she knew that would be her next creative direction, as the creation of artistic clothing is a perfect match for her interests and skills.
  • Her commitment to learning the Saori way has taken her to Saori teachers in Atlanta, GA, Worcester, MA, and Japan (twice in 2017) to study with Kenzo Jo, son of Saori Founder, Misao Jo.
  • After selling her yarn store in 2017, Kathleen created Wimberley Valley Saori, a weaving studio where she offer classes and workshops for those who want to "weave out of the box."
  • FB: @kathleenuttssaori
  • IG: @kathleenuttssaori
  • Web: https://www.wimberleyvalleysaori.com/

Sarah Walworth

Areas of Expertise
Where She's Taught
 Local yarn shops and guilds across North Texas
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • First learned to knit as a child from her mom
  • Relearned as an adult when she needed a way to keep her hands busy
  • It quickly cascaded into re-writing patterns to fit her, learning innovative techniques, and trying all different ways to tension the yarn
  • Now makes her living as a knitting technical editor for knitwear designers all over the globe
  • She loves to pass on the craft to whomever she can get to hold needles and yarn for a few minutes
  • FB: Tricot Edit
  • IG: @tricotedit
  • Rav: www.ravelry.com/people/tricotedit
  • Web: www.tricotedit.com

Harry Wells

Areas of Expertise
 Handspinning, knitting
Tenure in the Fiber Arts
 30 years
Where He's Taught
 Madrona Winter Fiber Retreat, Stitches West, Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, Black Sheep Gathering, John C. Campbell Folk School
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Learned to knit when he was eight years old
  • Has been spinning for 30 years and knitting for 20 years
  • Was a university professor for 21 years, and then retired to pursue his passion for knitting full time
  • Extensive experience in course preparation and classroom instruction both past and present makes for an engaging learning experience
  • Has published several patterns in knitting magazines, and has patterns available on Ravelry
  • FB: Good For A Boy Knitting
  • IG: @harrywellsknits
  • Rav: www.ravelry.com/designers/harry-wells
  • Web: www.goodforaboy.com

Sherrie Wilson

Areas of Expertise
 Spinning, weaving, knitting
Tenure in the Fiber Arts
 45 years
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Learned to knit 5 times, starting at age 5
  • Thinks purple rules the world
  • Studied Saori weaving at Saorinomori (Osaka, Japan), HanDen Studios, and Handmade Saori
  • Teaches at Understory Saori Studio
  • Loves the joy people experience as they learn
  • Passionately believes that everyone has a creative side, even though they may not realize it.  Saori is a way to celebrate this
  • Discovered Saori 5 years ago and has never looked back
  • Lives in Houston with 2 rotten dogs and a definitely not-rotten husband
  • FB: understory Saori Studio
  • IG: @understorysaori
  • Web: understorysaori.com

Andrea Wong

Areas of Expertise
 Portuguese knitting
Tenure in the Fiber Arts
 Since she was 7 years old
Where She's Taught
 Stitches events, guilds and shops across the country and internationally
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Learned to knit from her mother when she was 7 years old
  • When she moved to the United States in 1991, knitters were constantly intrigued by the way she knit
  • After researching, she named the style Portuguese style
  • For the past 16 years, she's taught how to knit with the yarn tensioned around a knitting pin on the shoulder or around their neck
  • Has published 3 DVDs:  Learn How to Knit Portuguese Style; All about Socks — Portuguese Style; Portuguese Style of Knitting II
  • Author of Portuguese Style of Knitting:  History, Traditions and Technique
  • FB: Andrea Wong Knits
  • IG: @andreawongknits
  • Rav: www.ravelry.com/designers/andrea-wong
  • Web: www.andreawongknits.com

The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA)

Arenda Holladay

Areas of Expertise
  Knitting, crochet
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Learned a variety of crafts, including crocheting and knitting, while growing up in Utah
  • Preferred crocheting to knitting through her teen and college years (and has the acrylic grannie square poncho to prove it!)
  • Current president of The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA) and editor of Cast On magazine
  • Professional life spent in the computer industry as a technical writer and instructional designer, living in Dallas and Atlanta
  • Became reacquainted with knitting during that time and likes to say she was an "enthusiastic" knitter
  • A move to Lexington, KY, in the 1980s gave her time to devote to her children and knitting.  She discovered TKGA and became a Master Hand Knitter.
  • Became more involved with the organization, first as a TKGA Master Hand Knitter Committee member, then a co-chair
  • Was asked to help redesign TKGA's Cast On magazine and act as a consultant for content
  • TKGA reorganized as a non-profit organization in 2017 and she was the obvious choice to continue her longtime leadership as president of the board and editor of Cast On.

Joyce Jones

Areas of Expertise
  Knitting, spinning
Tenure in the fiber arts
  25 years
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • A Cleveland, OH, native, she began to take knitting seriously 27 years ago when she began spinning yarn.
  • Now she would rather purchase yarn so as to be able to spend more time knitting with it.
  • Became a Master Knitter in 2010 and joined TKGA's Master Hand Knitter Committee
  • Became a Co-Chair in 2015
  • Joy comes from taking what she has learned from the Master Hand Knitter program and sharing it with others.
  • When not knitting, she enjoys being with her grandchildren.

Nancy Simet

Areas of Expertise
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Nancy spent 22 years as a college chemistry instructor before her retirement
  • She is now fully focused on the fiber arts and a Master Knitter
  • Originally from Florida, she now makes her home in Cedar Falls, IA with her husband of 39 years and their daughter, who also knits
  • Nancy joined the Master Hand Knitter Committee in 2013 and became a Co-Chair in 2017
  • Her love of needlework dates back to her teenage years and includes many years teaching knitting at her local yarn store
  • She is now branching out in other fiber areas, having recently started spinning and weaving
  • She has also taken on the role of secretary to her local weavers and spinners guild

Heather Storta

Areas of Expertise
  Knitting, designing
Tenure in the fiber arts
  more than 10 years
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • TKGA certified Master Knitter, Tech Editor and Knitting Instructor
  • Current co-chair of the TKGA Master Hand Knitting committee
  • Member of the Cast On editorial committee
  • Designs have been published in Cast On magazine, Knitscene, as well as Knitty and elsewhere.
  • Resides in the Charlotte, NC, area and is a stay-at-home and homeschooling mom of 2 boys
  • When not knitting, designing or teaching (her boys or knitters!), she can be found spinning yarn, reading or in the outdoors camping and hiking with her family.

The Crochet Guild of America (CGOA)

Linda Dean

Areas of Expertise
  Crochet, designing
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Self-taught crocheter
  • Passed the Crochet Guild of America Master's Program in 2010 and began teaching
  • Craft Yarn Council Certified Instructor
  • Active with the Crochet Guild of America, currently serving on the Board of Directors
  • Has been designing for publishing since 2012
  • Enjoys creating and designing new ways to put stitches together

Anna Rominger

Areas of Expertise
Tenure in the Fiber Arts
 A member of CGOA for 7 years
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Likes to recycle perfectly good teddy bears by designing sweaters and blankets for them
  • Sells and has donated her bears to new owners
  • Has crocheted since she was 5
  • Was the Dean of the School of Business and Economics at Indiana University Northwest and an Associate Professor of Management at I U Northwest
  • Taught business law classes for 25 years until she retired
  • Practiced law for 22 years before that
  • Worked in the area of organizing businesses including copyright and trademark law
  • Is a ballroom dancer

Michelle Stauffenberg

Areas of Expertise
Fiber Enthusiast Fun Facts
  • Earned her Master of Advanced Crochet Stitches and Techniques certificate from CGOA in 2014
  • Learned to crochet from her mother when she was a young girl
  • Likes to make afghans
  • In the last few years, she has tackled several garment projects
  • Likes challenging stitch work and beautiful yarns
  • Crochet goal is to make things that knitters will admire
  • Became a junior reviewer in 2015
  • Is now a senior reviewer